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  • In companies which need resources to carry out or speed up the launch of their expansion/diversification/internationalisation (capital expansion) project.
  • In companies which need to strengthen their asset/capital structure and increase their debt capacity, thus allowing the entrepreneur to devote his/her efforts to the development of the expansion plan.
  • In companies which are seeking to acquire other companies to complete their vertical integration activities, with a view to improving profitability, strategic market positioning, positioning in terms of competitors, clients, suppliers of raw material, etc., or to protect the company.
  • In family businesses which are seeking to find a partner to help finance the firm's professionalisation or generational change, to replace other partners who hinder growth or whose interests or vision clash with the prevailing vision for the company, or those which seek to ensure the continuity of the business where no natural successor from within the family can be found.
  • In companies whose shareholders want to sell all or part of the business with a view to granting liquidity to part of the company's assets or who prefer not to devote further private resources to the new project.
  • In companies which are about to be subject to a Management Buy-Out or Management Buy-In.
  • In companies which are seeking to strengthen their corporate image by bringing in a partner with a specific profile.
  • In companies in segmented sectors which want to acquire others as a means of becoming market leaders through a buy and build strategy.