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Cantabria Capital mainly invests in SMEs both Spanish and overseas - which have a sound business base, are currently profitable and are not presently the object of a takeover bid. Where necessary, we are open to the idea of a joint investment with other venture capital partners if a particular project is on a much larger scale and requires a more sizeable economic outlay.

We invest in all sectors, except finance and real estate, and are particularly interested in projects with expansion plans and growth potential, led by a management team which is committed to the project.

Generally, we acquire a minority share in the company (or a majority share if it is a joint investment involving a partner). That said, no minimum or maximum percentages are applied, other than those specified in the law 22/2014.
When it comes to structuring operations, we are flexible and adapt to the specific situation of each company, always seeking to find the best possible arrangement for all parties involved. Our belief is that each venture should be mutually beneficial.

As regards the term of each project, the average is five years although each project has its own time requirements so we agree from the outset that flexibility is the byword.