Cantabria Capital is an independent management company for venture capital entities, listed by the Commission of the Spanish Securities Exhange Act (CNMV), registry number 30, since 2003. We are the first Cantabria-based venture capital company.

The strategic alliance of the main economic agents in Cantabria has allowed us to pool resources and create this company as a service to the business world, with the added bonus of a working knowledge of and insight into local, national and international networks.

Cantabria Capital manages the Cantabria Expansión Venture Capital Fund (which is also listed by the CNMV, registry number 6) and works proactively as a shareholder in companies, on a temporary basis, with a view to turning their expansion plans into a reality and generating added value for all stakeholders.

Our aim is to work closely as a partner, not only granting financial aid but also strategic and management assistance (with a representation on the governing bodies but without actually interfering with the day-to-day running of the business). We are aware that one of the keys to success is the creation of a team spirit and mutual confidence between shareholders and the managers of the company.


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Our business expertise comes from carrying out a through and ethical analysis of investments, with maximum confidentiality, social responsibility, and integrity   guaranteed. In addition, we are totally committed to our social duties to the company and its teams.