The members of the Cantabria Capital team are fully aware of how exciting our profession is. Persistence, tenacity and sound training are all key for carrying out our activity. Each project is a fresh new challenge.

The Board of Adminstration is the maximum decision-making authority and is made up of people with unquestionable reputation, prestige and a proven track record in the world of business and finance. They are:


D. Carlos Hazas (Banco Santander)

Board Members:

D. Nicolás Arenas (Banco Santander)

D. Javier García

D. Luis Manuel Taboada Fernández

D. Julio Novo
(Banco Santander)

D. Juan Pares
(CEOE CEPYME Cantabria)

D. Francisco Luis Martín
(Government of Cantabria)

D. Juan José Sota (Government of Cantabria)

Non-councillor secretary and legal adviser:

D. Pedro Labat
As is to be expected, there is also an Investment Committee which represents the interests of those directly involved in the fund.

The team from Cantabria Capital manages the whole project; from its identification, taking part in the analysis phase, investment, follow-up, potential acquisitions, debt satisfaction and divestment, in order to gain a full working knowledge of the entity from the legal, financial, fiscal and business points of view.